About us

Citycom is a mobile retail chain in Lebanon, we sell all top notch mobile brands along with its accessories.

Transactions through BOB, Touch and Western Union are also run along. Focusing on the retail market to always understand the end user’s requirements is our target through exceeding customer’s expectations (Price/Service/Variety) and maintaining high level of professionalism and ethics, hoping to fulfill our mission by being known everywhere and by everyone.

Most effective businesses are those tending to be utterly up-to-tech via working hard to build a digital future that works for everyone amongst effortless browsing and time-saving, beyond which this online platform idea was sparked off.

Our Values

Going the extra mile: By doing more than our clients expect, and by doing it better and quicker, we will be invited back to help in future.

Empathy: We will always do a better job for our clients by seeing things from their perspective.

Honesty and Integrity: More than anything, we will always do what’s right for our clients.

Passion for what we do: By hiring people who are passionate and energetic about what they do, we can apply creative thinking to solve our clients’ problems.

Commitment: We are committed to optimizing the quality and safety of our products, services and operations, taking into account the interest of our customers, local community and society as a whole.